Winter Strength and Conditioning Week 1

Strength & Conditioning – Please check teamsnap email for a form that will start our individualized S&C programming. Please fill this in today; it will take two minutes. If you don’t intend playing rugby in the spring, please fill in the first section.

Coach Bare started the first macrocycle of the offseason that is a maximum hypertrophy cycle. This macrocycle will be difficult, but the payoff is you will get big in this phase.

If you intend to play rugby in the spring and are not competing in a winter sport at CBA, this S&C program is mandatory. We cannot compete with St Augustine and Delbarton if you are not completing a comprehensive S&C program.

Nick Drosos asked for extra aerobic capacity training, and I recommend the rowing programming from Concept 2 for rugby players. Endurance is the goal in this phase of the offseason, and you can read about their different programming here.

Strength & Conditioning – Concept 2 Rowing Workout for Endurance for Rugby

5 x 1000m rows with 2 minutes between reps, followed by a 5000m straight row. Target pace: All 1000m reps sub 3:15/1000m.

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