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Delivery matters. Create a team with parents, ​not a conflict.

I love the Positive Coaching Alliance. They have great ideas and solutions that are positive and focus on outcomes without looking back. I was intrigued when I saw this video because I agree with the message but know the confrontational methodology means it will often fail. We need to create a team with parents. In this PCA video, Mike Klinzing is right, parents coaching from the stands is not productive to the athlete, but instead of creating a team environment he is confrontational. “One of the things that bugs me as a coach” sets up an adversarial reaction from parents.  ...

  coaching, Rugby

Athlete feedback

Athlete feedback is a critical tool for the coach. This is a response on to a post on the facebook “Rugby Coaches” page. However, I think it is worth publishing as a stand-alone article. Athlete feedback Athlete feedback can make or break a coach. I have made plenty of mistakes before concluding that negative feedback is pointless. It looks back at the error rather than forward to the next opportunity to be successful. If we can create a culture where future outcomes are more important than past wins or losses it will create a performance environment where all elements of the  ...