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Goumas Try Video – in Premier Pro

I created this short form video in Premier Pro and spent the day at studying integration between Photoshop, Premier and After Effects. It is superb even if I cannot get Cinema 4D Lite to extrude a logo from Illustrator. Gouges Try Video – in Premier Pro The original idea came from a blog post I saw about how the Clemson Football team uses short and long form video to promote events. I shoot a lot of footage for training purposes at practice but now will use some of this material to make these little short form videos. The music is the 15 second version of “Street  ...


Rugby Training Strength & Conditioning 35° Video

35° Video edited in two passed through iMovie. I edited the more complex track first. Then the overlay which had most of the location audio. One more pass through iMovie to compose them together. I’d prefer to use FinalCut but don’t have a professional reason to buy it right now. It would make the composing much much more easy. I am going to try Premier Pro as I already have it as part of Creative Cloud and it comes with After Effects for composing. Rugby Training Strength & Conditioning 35° Video The idea came from a blog post I saw about how the Clemson Football team  ...



In a recent school project my Daughter said I take great photographs of food I can’t eat and this is a great example of one. This Burrata looks divine and I love the slightly creamy contrast between it and the plate. The classic green and red of the basil and tomato make the dish really pop. What is a Burrata?

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21 Love Songs Round 1

This project is a digital cover for a 21 track downloadable package for Sony Music. In the first round I presented 13 designs some of which were typographical solutions, some utilized my photography and then there were some combined versions. You can see the second round here. You can see the final product on iTunes.

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Start a story

I love this photograph particularly since landscapes have never been something I find particularly rewarding. The whole point of taking a picture for me is to tell a story, capture a moment or emotion. Landscapes can be majestic but I always find them a little underwhelming to capture or create. This photo works for me with the dramatic post processing of the RAW image with the foreground rock popping with green algae from the lake. The western read from right to left with the trees and shoreline drifting in to the open lake is interesting.