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Athlete feedback

Athlete feedback is a critical tool for the coach. This is a response on to a post on the facebook “Rugby Coaches” page. However, I think it is worth publishing as a stand-alone article. Athlete feedback Athlete feedback can make or break a coach. I have made plenty of mistakes before concluding that negative feedback is pointless. It looks back at the error rather than forward to the next opportunity to be successful. If we can create a culture where future outcomes are more important than past wins or losses it will create a performance environment where all elements of the  ...


Sports Nutrition and Recovery

Sports nutrition does not need to be complicated, but it does require individualization to the athlete and the day’s training. Here are some examples of daily sports nutrition plans from the USOC. Athletes have to view sports nutrition like a racing team looks at fuel and lubricants – would a Formula 1 team expect high performance out of regular gas? Of course not. They use top quality specific blends to based on the vehicle, course and weather conditions. That is how athletes need to view nutrition. Specific to the athlete and the training load. If you want to monitor your  ...


Winter Strength and Conditioning Week 1

Strength & Conditioning – Please check teamsnap email for a form that will start our individualized S&C programming. Please fill this in today; it will take two minutes. If you don’t intend playing rugby in the spring, please fill in the first section. Coach Bare started the first macrocycle of the offseason that is a maximum hypertrophy cycle. This macrocycle will be difficult, but the payoff is you will get big in this phase. If you intend to play rugby in the spring and are not competing in a winter sport at CBA, this S&C program is mandatory. We cannot compete  ...


55th and Madison

Taken looking into the crosswalk at the north end of the junction of 55th and Madison in January 2016. I wanted the gritty cold feeling of the day. The photograph was developed in Photoshop and Lightroom with Perfectly Clear v2 with a 50mm prime lens on a Sony Alpha 77II.